Quality policy


In terms of continuous improvement , we will ensure the acquisition of the latest knowledge and technologies. In managing each process will be preceded ( eliminate) the possibility of error .

Customer:                                                                                                                                                                      The company aims to provide customers practical experience in quality management and production. In the field of implementation, we can recommend to customers equipped workplace in our operating areas. We can also help customers with the solution causes the problems / additional costs.
Competitive pressures we face, focusing on the needs of existing customers and developing other business activities.

Our principle:"The customer is our partner in our business. Our aim is to achieve that our customer perceived the same way. "
Our principle:" Quality, Cost , time is our standard. Business cooperation based on mutual trust , however, is the way to long-term success. "

Employees :
The company strives to continuous improvement of working conditions and environment of the employees of the company. We will support the activities of employees towards their professional development , including the provision of required periodic training. Corporate culture will direct way to provide the necessary information to employees , setting an atmosphere of trust and ensuring permanent employee motivation .

Our principle : "Employee is for us a man who has his own needs and goals. Our common aim is to fulfill these needs and objectives while enhancing his creative abilities. The opportunity has not only employee in your hands . "

We strive to be set up with our suppliers mutually beneficial business relationships. We believe that the contractor directly or indirectly contributes to the quality of delivered services or products.

Our principle : " The supplier partner for us , allowing us to take the necessary quality assurance of services or supplies ."



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