Reduction (elimination) of complaint costs

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If you are unable to eliminate (reduce) complaints (consequence) and production costs / defects (cause) in the long term, we can offer you our consulting services. In this area we have practical experience from various manufacturing sectors and our own developed methodology.

We also offer this option if the customer does not have qualified employees or they are busy. The option is also suitable if the solution requires an independent third party position.

You can answer these questions:
• Is the claim justified?
• The calculated costs of the claim are justified. Can costs be reduced or rejected?
• Do you know how to prevent complaints?
• What are the pitfalls of commercial contracts and the setting of acceptance criteria (PPM)?

If NO, and you are interested in solving / reducing your complaints / production costs, we will be glad to contact us.

In case of your interest we will be happy to prepare our price offer - BASIC or FULL.


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