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On the workshop we offer free capacity to implement the control, measuring and repair work.

We can aslo reach customers, who are interested in the realization of assembly work, easier production, packaging and possibly other works by appointment.


Advantages of workshop Variability s.r.o.:
• adapted workplaces for inspection of production parts,
• Can also be used in case of lack of capacity at the customer's premises,
• Ability nakontrolovat sufficient kanban (the customer is not under stress; if greater incidence of NOK parts can be well in advance of suppliers, ..)
• We are able to provide as necessary import / removal (daily traffic in the case of local customers several times a day)
• captures defects that usually normal conditions the customer is not receivable.

Benefits to the customer premises:
• It does not provide training and occupational health and safety risks for the external staff
• It does not provide facilities to disguise the external staff
• Save energy and space capacity 


If you are interested we will be happy to hear from you on our contact details.


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