Practice = school of life


Incoming inspection:

After you go through entry checks defective parts into production?

We help you to find out why!

  • We will find you the critical points!
  • Prepare / adjust your documentation for input control.
  • We train your employees.
  • Set / adjust your input control system.
  • We send you our practical experience.



1.We start from the first theoretical knowledge. However, the documentation system and set the practical requirements of the production conditions of each customer separately.

2. Theoretical and practical knowledge will be passed on in a way that you were alone able to make any necessary amendments.


Project example:

A manufacturer had long problem of defective input material, which he passed incorrectly set system to control entry into its production.

Analysis of input control manufacturer and has been found to be insufficiently set of input control system and the personnel access control were not qualified. It was also confirmed the general rule that the time required to perform incoming inspection are enormous. For this reason, manufacturers have been designed and austerity measures that enable a particular focus on problematic suppliers. Measures taken by the manufacturer of A included updating the directive of quality incoming inspection, additional training for staff carrying out entry inspection and reorganization of the department stores.

The result was to prevent the occurrence of faulty input material in production, finding potential employees performing input control and the ability to focus more on problematic suppliers.


General example:

Check bolts for finding a defect in the missing thread. Presumption use single sampling plan ISO 2859-1. The Agreement provides for AQL = 0,65% and the use of normal controls on the control level II. The dosage range is 3,000 pieces.
Table 1 - code letter sample size is derived tabulating the letter K Letter K (N = 1201 to 3200, inspection level II)
Table 2 - single sampling plans for normal inspection Sample size = 125 Ac = 2 Re = 3




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