Variability s.r.o company provided us with training and practical workshops on lean production methods. Specifically, these were:

a) Management training,

Introduction to principles and lean manufacturing principles, definitions and forms of waste; a brief overview of lean production methods; detailed introduction to the basic techniques - 5S, VM, SMED, TPM incl. examples; risks, threats and errors associated with introducing the concept of lean manufacturing; optimal implementation process

b) Management training aimed at SMED method

detailed familiarization with the method SMED, incl. examples; risks, threats and errors associated with the introduction of SMED methods; optimal implementation process


Both training is evaluated very positively as regards the professional level lectures, Presentation materials (including practical examples), provided manuals for training and organizing. After training, our employees have demonstrated a high level of
knowledge for practical implementation in a production environment.

Date: January 8, 2014


Ing. Jaromír Uher


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