Control works

Control works -each result has its cause, we can remove both.

We carry out inspection, measuring and repair work. We also offer installation work, simpler production, assembly and packaging. Alternatively, other work by appointment. We provide implementation for our customers or in our premises.

In case of your interest, we offer inspection (repair, assembly, packaging) work in our premises of the Variability s.r.o. In these operating spaces, we have adapted equipment for performing inspection work (visual inspection, measurement, gauges, reference samples, ..) and basic repairs of production parts (needling, grinding, ..).

For more information, see the "Establishment" page.


Control (repair, packing) work:
The aim of the control (corrective) action is to secure control (repair, packing) parts according to predetermined criteria and set the system to record the defects, as a starting point for subsequent decisions.

In the event that the control (repair) work is provided by the customer, we can provide independent oversight of sorting events.

One of the main objectives is from the position of an independent third party project management mechanism, to assist customers in addressing the root causes of problems, including proposals to implement the necessary corrective measures.


Control (repair, packing) work:
1.Creating work instructions
2.Education quality inspectors working with the instructions
3.Perform control (corrections) products
4.Evidence defects conforming products, or by other customer requirements
5.Evidence work statement (report)
6.Sending electronic report to the customer


For each project, our employees are equipped / trained:
• Work clothing with company logo, safety shoes with steel toe cap, employee's badge,
• Input OHS training, regular training quality
• If necessary basic security needs - work gloves, goggles, ..,
• Identification tags OK / NOK
• Basic needs work - a necessary form (report, attendance, ..), pens, colored markers, ..,



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