"We will help you."

"We will help you."

The goal of the consulting activity is to outsource the services of a quality specialist, supervisor, resident, quality technician, internal/external auditor, quality engineer, G8D specialist, quality manager, project management, .., according to the customer's predetermined qualification requirements.

We offer this option in case the customer does not have qualified employees or they are busy with their time. The variant is also suitable if the solution requires the position of an independent third party.



Some of the selected areas we can offer you:

In this area, we also offer cooperation within the outsourcing of our services,

  • e.g. for automotive industry projects - APQP / PPAP / VDA / QS standards
  • In this area, we can also help you for a short time, according to agreement, with input / production / test room / output inspection, including the possible addition / setting of quality parameters or verification of the inspection system itself.
  • Outsourcing (assistance) of a quality engineer, e.g. with a focus on resolving complaints.
  • We also carry out independent external supervision, including measurement, testing and analysis of production parts.



Some of the experiences from selected methods of manufactured quality that we can offer you:

  • FMEA
  • G8D
  • MSA
  • SPC
  • Capability and Performance of of processes / machines / ..
  • Statistical receipts
  • Design Review
  • ..


In the area of consulting services, we also use the professional experience we have gained, for example, from the following production areas:

  • Sheet metal and plastic pressing
  • Production of pressure vessels
  • Production of seamless and seam pipes
  • Production of accumulator cells
  • Automotive
  • Welding and visual inspection of welds
  • Phytotherapy, physiotherapy, massage techniques and the basics of body anatomy, ..


If you are interested in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to prepare our price offer for you. For your specific questions, you can also use the form for your questions in the "Inquiries" menu.


Outsourcing (assistance) of a quality engineer, eg with a focus on resolving complaints:

Quality engineer outsourcing - complaint resolution: QE-BASIC – NEW!

In the event that you have a new complaint, or e.g. a repeated complaint or complaints for which you cannot find the cause / measure, we can offer you our consulting services. In this area, we have practical experience from various manufacturing sectors and our own developed methodology.

As a rule, in this area we cooperate with authorized representatives of the company, when internal immediate measures are set up, and we can also give you our recommendations when communicating with your customer or for the subsequent technical and system solution of the complaint.

We also offer this option if the customer does not have qualified employees or if they are busy with their time. The variant is also suitable if the solution requires the position of an independent third party.


You have the following questions:
• Is the problem urgent for you and do you need to solve it immediately?
• Is the problem repeated / long-term for you, and you cannot find a solution?
• You do not know what the cause of the defect / problem is and why it occurs for you?

If you are interested in using our professional experience in the field of complaint resolution, we will be happy if you contact us.

If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare our price offer - BASIC or FULL.

If it were a more complex problem that would require a more thorough analysis of the process, we can offer you a methodology to reduce production defects / problems 9V – BASIC or FULL.



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