Variability = we have the "unique", we can adapt

 If you are interested, we offer control (repair, packing) work in our areas of business Variability Ltd. In these operational areas, we have adapted facilities for carrying out control work (visual inspection, measurement gauges, reference samples, ..) and basic repair parts manufacturing (deburring, grinding, ..).

We focus mainly on the control (repair) smaller production of parts, but we have experience with larger dimensions (eg: molded sheets). We also offer a assembly work, easy production, completion and packaging, after a suitable layout of our workplaces and the necessary technological and manufacturing facilities.

Road transport by our own vehicles or our contracted haulage. Equipment fleet includes:
1) Peguet Partner - capacity 500 kg 1 pallet loading area
2) Iveco Daily - load capacity of 1500 kg, loading area 6-7 pallets, 14 m3
3) Peguet Boxer - 1500 kg load capacity, loading area 8 pallets, 18 m3

Loading / unloading in the areas of business we are currently able to realize through our VZV to a maximum weight of 400 kg.


Equipment outside business premises of the establishment Variability:

100% testing of production parts:
1. Logistics - transport production parts into Variability
2. Creation of work instructions
3. The trained quality inspectors with working instructions
4. Make checks (repair) products
5. Records of nonconforming product defects, or according to other customer requirements
6. Delivery of electronic consumer report
7. Logistics - transport production parts back to the customer


  • 10 separate workplaces
  • Light Magnifier
  • Ergonomic chairs


Corrections production parts:

  • Deburring
  • Grinding
  • Minor repairs and other extra work


  • Straight Grinders
  • disc sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Needles, hand tools, trimming knives,
  • grinder to a fine (controlled) grinding

Measuring, testing and analysis of the production of parts:

  • lengths / height / depth
  • Angles
  • torque


  • Digital calipers
  • Micrometer
  • Angles
  • Meters of torque
  • indicalor


Other services, as mutually agreed:

  • Assembly work, easy production, completion and packaging
  • others. Based on mutual agreement


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