Documentation = The set system brings order to the company (everyone knows - WHAT / HOW / WHY to do)

Our goal in this area is:
(a) identify and meet the needs and expectations of the company, customers and other stakeholders (ie employees, suppliers, owners, etc.) in an efficient and effective manner, so that all material matters are clearly documented.
(b) achieve, maintain and improve overall operational performance and capability.

The aim of the advisory activity, as proposed, is to prepare, verify and cooperate on the elaboration of the documentation system in a way that respects the specifics of operational activities while taking into account the factual and time requirements of the customer, ie:

• carry out an initial analysis of the situation before the introduction of the documentation system;
• to provide consulting services in the implementation of the documentation system and to prepare the company to manage and implement the documentation system in practice,
• provide training for staff involved in the implementation of the documentation system;
• preparation, verification and cooperation to prepare the required documents.

In the area of ​​documentation (documents, forms, records) we focus mainly on organizational documents (eg: personnel documents, general company documents, ..), system documents (eg: ISO 9001) and others (eg: implementation orders, personal data and GDPR, ..).

Furthermore, we can direct you in the field of production, technology and other professional production technology guidelines. At the same time, we know that only your specialist in the production and technology field "should" be the professional guarantor of the development of such a directive.

We have gained professional experience eg in the following production areas:
• Sheet and plastic pressing
• Production of pressure vessels
• Manufacture of seamless and seam tubes
• Manufacture of battery cells
• Automotive
• Welding and visual inspection of welds


Variability s.r.o.
Masarykovo náměstí 2457/10
733 01

Czech Republic


Mobil:                                                                                                                                                                                    +420 774 999 549

IČ: 293 96 212
DIČ: CZ29396212


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